CCTV Kits and vehicle safety

CCTV Kits and vehicle safety

Durite CCTV kits and vehicle safety.

Durite offer a wide range of auto electrical parts suitable for enhancing the safety of all types of vehicles from buses, lorries, trucks, vans, cars, lift trucks and agricultural vehicles as well as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Never has there been greater enphasis placed on safety of staff and the general public while at work. 

Auto electrical safety solutions comprise of CCTV reversing kits (wired and wireless), dashboard cameras, bind spot detection systems, back-up alarms / buzzers, safety signs and commercial vehicle mirrors including EEC specification class 5 (class V) and class 6 (class VI).

CCTV reversing kits.

Durite auto electrical CCTV reversing kits allow drivers to reverse in the safest manor. Using a CCTV reversing kit allows for improved visibility whilst also eliminating / eliminating blind spots. Health and safety is at the forefront of the minds of today’s businesses, fitting a Durite CCTV reversing kit can help ensure the safety of staff, drivers, cyclists and the general public alike.

Durite auto electrical equipment offers quality solutions for your business. Most of the CCTV reversing kits are dual voltage with a choice of wired and wireless options in 5” and 7” setups.

Blind spot minimalisation for commercial vehicles.

Durite auto electrical equipment offer a range of solutions to help minimise blind spots around commercial vehicles thus helping to comply with FORS and CLOCS guidelines. Solutions include 6 sensor blind spot detection systems, vehicle warning / safety signs and commercial vehicle mirrors.

Under the Safer Lorry Scheme London and according to CLOCS guideline 3.2.3 Blind spot minimalisation, vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must have their front, side and rear blind spots completely eliminated or minimalised as far as practical. CLOCS guideline 3.2.1 requires prominent signage to be displayed on the rear of vehicles. 18% of all goods vehicle accidents occur on the left hand side and 32% occur on the right hand side of the vehicle.

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